The ACA ToolKit: licensing

The ACA ToolKit is available for licensing to end users who wish to modify their systems at the source code level, as well as to our user support and application development partners; we offer developing licenses and run-time licenses for third party transfer of systems developed with the ToolKit, a maintenance and upgrade program, as well as a support and training package.

  • Developers license: primarily intended for users of any of the major ESS systems who want to continue development, integrate their own software modules. Inludes an open-ended non-transferable license for a site (up to 5 CPUs of a given architecture); the binary libraries are CPU locked, and made available with the corresponding on-line documentation.
    ECU 30,000
  • Run-time licenses: for the transfer of software systems developed with the TooLkit to third parties that do not hold a development license. run-time licenses are CPU locked, and again available on a per site basis, covering up to 5 CPUs of a given architecture.
    ECU 7,500
  • Maintenance and updates: includes patches and minor bug-fix eleases, as well as at least one major upgrade release per year; new minor releases of individual sub-libraries are made avilable to users as they become available; a yearly major upgrade release covers all libraries and support functions. Maintenance can be requested for a specific (older) operating systems version for any of the architectures supported.
    ECU 7,500   per year.
  • Support: includes remote support of a development team at a given site through e-mail, ftp, and access to the WEB based documentation and specific tutorials, guidelines, FAQ, bug reports and workarounds, tips and tricks, etc. The support same-day response to electronic queris, assistence with bug fixes, and provision of example code with proven solutions.
    ECU 15,000   per year.
  • Training: we offer intensive on-the-job training for application developers and users; best combined with a specific development taks, training includes one-to-one support with unlimited access to the entire ESS research and development team.
    ECU 2,000 per person per week; group discounts available.

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