ACA ToolKit: System Requirements

To run an application based on the ToolKit:

A UNIX based workstation or high-end PC with the following minimum requirements:
  • display with a resolution of 1152x900 (only supported by SUN) or 1280x1024, supporting at least 256 simultaneous colors (8 bit frame buffer);
  • depending on your application, memory of 32 MB or higher; for large applications that use RAM data base strategies for high-performance data retrieval and caching, 64 MB is recommended;
  • X-windows (X lib) plus an X Windows based windows manager (Motif, uwm, ctwm)
  • disk-space requirements depend on the size of the application data but will usually be in order of several GB if extesnsive GIS data and satellite imagery is used.

To compile an application using the ToolKit:

  • C/C++ compiler. The ACA ToolKit and applications based on it have been successfully compiled with:
    • gcc/g++ 2.5.8 or higher
    • Sun C++ 3.0 or higher
  • GNU-make utility
  • makedepend (the one that comes bundled with a standard X-windows distribution)
  • An installed Xlib library from a standard X distribution, usually part of the UNIX workstations basic software: e.g., under OpenWindows on a SUN.

Platforms supported:

The ACA ToolKit has been successfully ported to the following platforms:
  • Sun SparcStations, Sun-OS 4.x/Solaris 2.x
  • IBM RS/6000, AIX 3.x
  • DEC workstations, Ultrix
  • Data General, DG-UX
  • Silicon Graphics, Irix
  • x86/Pentium based PCs, Linux/Free-BSD
Please note that ESS currently supports SUN and HP; other platforms can be supported on request.


In principle, it is possible to run an ACA Toolkit based application from any X-client. Hence PCs running X-windows could also be used as clients. For using the ACA Toolkit any platform having a X-windows/Xlib can be used. So the list of supported platforms can easily be extended when required.

Although strict compliance to ANSI-C is followed, quite a few applications have components written in Fortran.

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