Urban and Industrial Air Quality
Assessment and Management

E!1388 AIDAIR develops an interactive information and decision support system for urban and industrial air quality management.
E!3266 WEBAIR extends the scope into on-line, real-time monitoring, modeling, and forecasting, as well as to accidental emissions from industrial plants. Object-oriented client/server technology supports distributed and mobile clients through the Internet or dedicated VPN connections, and integrates:

  • real-time monitoring and data analysis,
  • dynamic simulation and optimization models,
  • emission inventories and estimation tools,
  • linkages to energy, traffic and industrial process models,
  • multi-criteria decision support tools.
  AIDAIR supports the Community Air Quality Framework Directive (96/62/EC) on ambient air quality assessment and management, its so-called Daughter Directives on individual substances and substance groups, and related Directives including the Directive on Public Access to Environmental Information (90/313/EEC).

Applications include air quality monitoring and reporting, planning and policy analysis, energy and traffic planning, environmental impact assessment, and the operational management of pollutant emissions to maintain ambient air quality standards, and demonstrate compliance.

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