Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Coastal Water Quality Simulation
Coastal & Marine Systems Modeling
    OPTIMA   Optimization for Sustainable Water Resources Management, an INCO-MPC project for sustainable water management around the Mediterranean, including coastal case studies in Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel, Tunisia, Morocco. SMART:   Sustainable Management of Scarce Resources in the Coastal Zone deals with issues of water resources management in five case studies of coastal regions around the Mediterranean, involving partners in Italy, France, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia. The GAIA   global multi-media information system for environmental education and training, an INCO-DC project;   a closely related study is EARSS, the Environmental Assessment and Reporting Support System, developed for UNEP/GRID and ESCAP. EIAxpert   a rule-based expert system for screening level environmental impact assessment, originally for the Mekong Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand. An integrated components in WaterWare, a river-basin water resources management information and optimization system.

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