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  Release Level 6.2
  Release Date 2013 09
  Revision Level 1.0
Last modified on:   Thursday, 19-Dec-13 09:37 CET

Dust entrainment model: installation, operation

Data base TABLES, data files and executable(s)

        dust interface and iframes: /var/www/html/templates/camx/php 
        /var/www/html/TOOLS/admin: (location setup)
        	/data/cyprus/dustent: (input matrices)
            110338 coarse soil texture
            110339 medium soil texture
            110340 heavy soil texture
            110341 slope gradient
            110316 vegetation index 
        Data Base TABLES:
    Meteorological scenario (generated by MM5)
    DUST uses dynamic input matrices from the meteo (MM5 or WRF) hourly model output:
    • Wind field (description)
    • Soil moisture (upper layers, as a fraction (m3/m3)
    • Precipitation [not yet implemented, to be used for the estimation of losses from the reservoir of deposited dust for re-entrainment].
    Auxiliary files, environment, first elvel references from DUST:
    • GIS background data (map background) in the directory: /gis/PROJECTNAME
    • map display related in /var/www/html/templates/camx_result/php : hist.php map_scale.php bar.php
    • netcdf emission matrix export directory: defined in the location setup defaults
    • hourly thumbnails: /var/www/html/thumbs

Input data

The input (data) files used are described in dustinputs.html
Model parameters are defined in the location setup defaults.

  • Static input matrices:
    • cns1 - coarse (sandy) soils, value is the percentage of this soil type in the 1km2 grid cell, on one byte
    • cns2 - medium soils, value is the percentage of this soil type in the 1km2 grid cell, on one byte
    • cns3 - heavy (fine, loam and silt) soils, value is percentage of this soil type in the 1 km2 grid cell, on one byte
    • sl4 - slope (Relief energy, the variability of eleveation within the 1 km2 grid cell) , value normalized in the range 0 - 100 over the domain on one byte
    • uandm - raster containing information about cities, mines, and unpaved roads
    • vindex - vegetation index (bare ground (erodable source area) percentage) on one byte

  • Environment and configuration data:
    • data base tables:
    • configuration files:
    • other environmental requirements:
      DUST is designed to work within the basic AIrWare framework; for the structure and components of a basic AirWare installation, please refer to AirWare Installation Notes

    Model operation

    The DUST model operates in two distinct modes:

    • Automatic (daily) forecast runs: the model is triggered by CAMx as an emission pre-processor; please refer to
        CRONTAB example.description
      that must be timed to start after the availability or transfer of the meteorological forecast scenario (from a local or remote compute server) to the application server:
      missing data are logged to the system loga: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ? the scheduled run aborted.

    • Interactive (sensitivity) runs

      The interface to the sensitivity analysis includes a run button to re-run the dust model with (locally) modified paramters; please note the parameters edited at the sensitivity level have no effect outside that scope, i.e., the forecast runs (which always use the location setup defaults).

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