How to reach us: (easy guide)

Gumpoldskirchen is located in the North-East part of Austria, about 30 km south of Vienna, about the same distance from the Vienna International Airport Wien-Schwechat, near the A2 highway (Südautobahn) (exit 11, Wr. Neudorf) and along the main Southern railway tracks (Südbahn).

If you arrive by plane at Wien-Schwechat: take a taxi (easy); if you are more adventerous and not in a hurry, take the airport shuttle to downtown Vienna, make your way to the Südbahnhof (by underground), then take a train south to Gumpoldskirchen.

If you drive, you can either get on the highway from the airport to Vienna, then go south on the A2, leave that at Wr. Neudorf (exit 9), get on the B17, head south, and follow the signs to Gumpoldskirchen;
or you can take to "scenic" route, follow the B 11 from the airport until you get onto the B 17, head south as above.

Once you are in or close enough to Gumpoldskirchen: ESS is located in the North-West corner of the village; following the Jubiläumsstrasse uphill (which is parallel and north of the main street, Wiener Strasse, proceed up hill where you will have a big parking lot to your right, and the Heurigen Melkerhof to your left (Point 1)

From here you can already see, at the entrance to the former limestone quarry (der Steinbruch, should you ask directions from a local), the building (yellow, red brick roof) on the right side of the road. Parking is in front, the entrance at the back side (towards the hills).

The proper street address is Kalkgewerk 1, but there is no road sign saying Kalkgewerk anywhere. The road from the intersection of the Weinstrasse (connecting Mödling and Baden the scenic way) and Jubiläumsstrasse continues uphill as Kalkwerkstrasse -- near enough.

If you come up the main street (Wiener Strasse) you can walk up the pedestrian zone (all of its 50 meters) and turn right opposite the Altes Zechhaus, just in front of the Melkerhof. The walkway will get you right to Point 1, see above.

If you get lost, call us: 633 05 (local).

See you there.

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