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      ESS GmbH:   Environmental Technology, Research & Development

      ESS is committed to bring the best available scientific knowledge and information technology to bear on environmental planning, management, policy and decision making problem   for a better, sustainable future (starting now).

        Applied Systems Analysis
        Environmental Sciences
        Information Technology

      For its projects, the ESS project team is using -- and developing -- state-of-the-art information technology, including simulation and optimization models, GIS, and expert systems, and provides web-based on-line soluotns (SaaS, software as a service), turn key customised solutions as web based application services. ESS develops Information Technology Solutions in a number of application domains under the general theme of Environmental Systems Analysis; a range of on-line interactive DEMOS illustrate several these systems.

      We aim at combining environmental sciences, engineering, social sciences and economics, and state-of-the-art information technology into a new generation of tools for better rational and scientifically based planning, management, participatory policy and decision making
      - for a sustainable future.

      Environmental Information and
      Decision Support Systems:
      environmental planning and management, policy analysis, state-of-the-environment reporting, multi-criteria decision analysis
      Pollution Control and Management for air, surface and groundwater, soil system, and coastal marine systems
      Technological Risk Assessment hazardous substances and waste management, emergency planning and management
      Environmental Impact Assessment expert systems and models for screening and project evaluation
      Natural Resources Management water resources, river basins, water supply systems, and land management
      Regional and Urban Development Planning transportation and energy systems, landuse management.

      As an integrated part of the systems analysis and software development in the above domains, we also offer a broad range of support functions including problem analysis, design and fesibility studies, compilation and processing the necessary data, design of monitoring systems, planning and supervision of field surveys including underwater exploration, local installation support, various training schemes including the development of distance learning courses, and continuing technical support as well as the remote maintenance of our software installations.

      As an alternative to remote web access ASP, SaaS and "bespoke cloud computing" solutions, we also offer our systems for local installations (secure web access through Intranet or external Internet connections) and a range of customized ASP models for remote support, maintenance and training.

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