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      Job Opportunities with
      Environmental Software & Services

      ESS is always searching for new staff for its growing set of ongoing and new international R&D project activities, including exciting EU funded research and development projects that cover a broad range of information technologies and environmental topics.

      While there are no immediate openings at the moment,
      we always welcome contacts for future projects.

      In particular, we are looking for a

      • System Administrator, System Programmer (Linux/UNIX)
        full-time, also possible as a flexible part-time position (20+ hrs)

      • Application programmers (C/C++, FORTRAN, PHP, SQL, ....) with a good physical/environmental science background;
      • WebMaster and content developers (HTML/XML, cgi, PHP, Java, SQL), with patience and loving care, graphical skills;
      • Environmental scientists and engineers with excellent computer (== programming !) skills.

      Successful candidates will

      • have experience with Linux (preferably Ubuntu) and/or any UNIX flavor,
      • are fluent in C/C++ and object-oriented design, disciplined development,
      • have experience with web applications, multi-tiered client-server architectures, have worked with interactive graphics;
      • understand Apache and web-based client/server applications, and know HTML, PHP, and Java,
      • are familiar with GIS, data bases (SQL), simulation/optimisation models or expert systems,
      • are good at math, numerical methods and statistics,
      • have some background in environmental or physical sciences,
      • like to work in a small and dynamic research and development team on a range of exciting and fast paced international projects,
      • appreciate the challenge of a performance based incentive scheme,
      • don't mind travelling and preferably hold a EU passport.

      If you think you fit at least some or all of the above, and would like to work without commuting, wherever you are, from your couch or garden or the nursery,
      whenever you want (as long as things get done on time, reliably) feel free to contact us:

      We are offering exiting and intellectually challenging work on international research and development projects with partners all around the world, a very flexible (in fact, we also consider part-time solutions for any or all positions) in a small team, with all the flexibility of on-line work at home.

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